There was a large title update released by EA for the new game. As we expected there are a lot of minor bug and text fixes… as usual. There are also a lot of fixes that we did not expect. EA is not known for listening to their community, but for this title update they listened to some of us. In this blog you can read all the updates to the game.

The full list of updates

According to the official EA Madden NFL 18 website, this is the list of the larger bugs that are fixed in this large patch:

  • Reverted attempted fix for lag in Franchise mode to in order to fix Franchise crashes
  • Fixed a crash some users were experiencing in Franchise when navigating menus very quickly
  • Reverted tuning change to “Nearby Player” catching penalty to reduce the number of dropped passes
  • Reverted “Low Catch Rating” and “Catch in Traffic” user notification banners
  • Addressed Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Auction House filters resetting after making a bid on an item

Our opinion

We are happy that they fixed the crash as soon as possible. We have experienced it on multiple occasions, just like some visitors on our website. Also the reset of the filters was stupid to begin with. We are glad that the filters will stay intact when searching for players. It took us a lot of time to keep filling in the info we already filled in before. Beside the list above there are a lot of minor fixes. Most of them we do not notice, but we are happy that they keep working on them. The game was playable before and it is a bit more playable now. Keep it up EA and most of all: Keep listening to the community!

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