NFL 18 Mobile is known as Madden Mobile in the App Store and Play Store. You can find it under that name in the stores of the iOS and Android devices. Although the game is not as complete as the console ones, it is really fun to play. If you have to wait outside somewhere or just want to play a fast game of football, you can simply launch the app and get started in no-time. We have gathered some useful tips for you.

Madden NFL 18 tips

The list below is more a list of tips and tricks for beginners, but also the more seasoned players will find some of them useful. When playing a game for a longer period, you might do some things like a second nature, but forget that you can improve it. Try them out and see for yourself!

  1. Try to be patient. The game is also known as a freemium game. You can download it for free, but a lot of people will spend real money on it. You can get everything by being a free-to-play user, but it takes some time
  2. Play the daily warmups. You can play this game for free and will get some rewards along the way. If you complete the mini-game for 7 days, you will get a reward. This is most of time a pro pack. We got a few got players out of these packs in the past!
  3. Forget Head to Head play. We do not play it a lot, because the rewards are not that good. The events, competitions and other options in the game are more rewarding.
  4. Take a good look at your team. You might have favourite players or positions you play a lot with. Do not forget about the other players, make sure you have a good ALLROUND team. Your team is as good as your worst player.
  5. Set your price not at round numbers at the auction. You should put a player for 4,999 instead of 5,000. It is a psychological game you have to play. Large retail store do this too.
  6. Complete all the sets. We know that looking at the sets and completing them can be a bit boring, but they offer fantastic reward. Keep an eye out for them and take a look at the uncompleted sets once in a while.

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